The Friends of Granville

Hello and welcome to the Friends Of Granville Website
We are a group of volunteers who meet on alternate Thursdays at Granville Country Park Nature Reserve. The work parties are advertised on the notice board in the main car park.

We care for the reserve for the benefit of its wildlife and to promote public enjoyment of this amazing natural asset as well as our own enjoyment.

June 2022

Granville has been having a makeover. Telford and Wrekin have been working hard to improve the park.  Have you noticed our new sign outside the entrance and the gold coloured letters above the gate, or the new information board in the car park.  You cannot have missed the picnic tables!  Here are some of the other jobs T&W have completed around Granville Nature Reserve. (see photos under Nature Reserve).
Refurbished both sets of steps to the Top of the World.
Refurbished steps on Muxton Bridge pitmound down to Marshbrook Way.
Replaced steps from Marshbrook Way to the Freehold pitmound.
Gravelled around the seats on the Top of the World.
A new gate and stile has been erected near the concrete road on the Western Stockpile to prevent damage from motor and quad bikes.
T&W have provided tree trunks to block other entrances.
A scrape has been dug on the horseshoe to carry water overflowing from the spring to a drainage ditch.
The muddy entrance through the kissing gate from Granville Road to the canal basin has been scrapped.
The concrete road area which was continually flooded and impassable has all been skimmed and new ditches added.
There is a new bin in the play area.
New information boards are to be placed in the car park along with a new bin.
Great improvements for everyone who visits our reserve.

Work parties carried out by The Friends this year

We held our well attended AGM on February 3rd at 1st Priorslee & St. Georges Scout Headquarters.
Clearing and reopening ditches on the concrete road.
Clearing vegetation and reopening the bridle path around the horseshoe.
Clear the steps and thick vegetation to all a way through to the secret pitmound on the horseshoe.
Cut back brambles on the bridle path.
Erected plastic fencing on steep sides the ditches on western Stockpile.
Litter picking.
Replacing fencing on the bridle path.
Railway Wharf wall cleared and area around winding House strimmed at Muxton Bridge.
Attended a first aid and bird ID courses.
Attended Steering Group meetings and walkabouts with T&W.
(See photos under Friends of Granville Page)

Co-op Community Fund

In October 2021 we were lucky enough to be accepted by the Co-op Community Fund. We applied for funding to enable us to make picnic tables and seats to allow visitors to spend more time enjoying the reserve.  If co-op members choose us as their good cause, a contribution is given to our cause when they use their card on certain items.  The response has been fantastic and we are very pleased with the amount raised so far. The fund runs until October. Thank everyone for their support.
As part of the Community Fund, members of staff from the Co-op will support groups in other ways such as painting a community hall, or scout building.  A team of about 20 staff came to Granville in May to help the Friends.  Our task was to collect all the broken and rotting bridle path post which were lying about in the vegetation along the path.  The team set to the task with gusto.  Collecting the posts, separating the metal straps and carrying them to one area. These are heavy posts.  The task was completed in no time because of the large workforce.  It was a great afternoon’s work and we thank them for their help.  Well done Team Co-op and the Friends. (see photos under Nature Reserve).


In 2021 we were lucky enough to receive funding from the  Idverde Community Investment Fund for loppers, hi-viz vests and jackets. In 2022,  Veolia Added Value Fund provided funding for a brush cuttter to help us maintain the park. St. Georges and Priorslee Parish Council also support the Friends with funding. A big thank you from the Friends.

Latest minutes Of Friends of Granville meeting.
meeting of FOG on the 14th August 2019
Meeting of FOG on the 26th February 2020
Next Meeting to be held on Thursday 13th June 2022. 10 am at Granville car park