The Friends of Granville

Hello and welcome to the Friends Of Granville Website
We are a group of volunteers who meet on alternate Thursdays at Granville Country Park Nature Reserve. The work parties are advertised on the notice board in the main car park.

We care for the reserve for the benefit of its wildlife and to promote public enjoyment of this amazing natural asset as well as our own enjoyment.

Work carried out by the Friends 2020 has included;-
Explored around the furnaces for Blowing House.
Cleared vegetation at canal basin and checking diverted stream.
Removed trees on the Western Stockpile.
Dug out sumps on the Western Stockpile.
Clearing scrub at Waxhill meadow.
Clearing ditches near concrete road.
Clearing paths and cutting back overhanging trees.

Future tasks
All work parties following Covid 19 social distancing guidelines

We have installed four information and two interpretation boards at key entrances around the woods.  Each board is designed to help you find your way around the park and information about the industrial archaeology to be seen. There are information leaflets available for you to use to follow the Heritage Trail or the Nature Trail.

New Information Board
The friends of Granville Country Park have installed an interesting new information board at the Muxton end of the park. The Board describes the design and history of the Muxton Bridge Colliery & Pumping engines and is detailed enough to enable the reader to visualise the remains of the colliery that can be seen today. See pictures of the board and installation team opposite.

Work party Information and latest events.
work parties 01-03-2020

Latest minutes Of Friends of Granville meeting.
meeting of FOG on the 14th August 2019
Meeting of FOG on the 26th February 2020


The Big Butterfly Count – Waxhill Meadow

St Georges Community Group have got involved with the Big Butterfly Count since 2017. Exploring and recording butterflies in heritage and wildlife sites in the St Georges area, this year the group spread their wings to neighbouring wildlife spaces with support from other community groups and the Co-op Member Pioneer role. Different areas included The Flash at Priorslee, and, Donnington’s and Muxton’s historical wildlife treasure, The Granville Country Park.
The site, recommended by The Friends of the Granville was Waxhill Meadow. The Friends group have been conserving the area for a while so wildflowers, bees and butterflies can thrive.
A local family took the lead on assessing the area for a walk for the Big Butterfly Count to be held on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Here’s what they have to say:-
“Me and my family went to join the Butterfly Count at Granville Nature Reserve, starting at the main car park to Waxhill Meadow. We used the Big Butterfly Count App to record 134 butterflies. We had already assessed the site for the Big Butterfly Count community activity, explored a walk and picked up any litter that was around. On a separate occasion we cleared the pathways of brambles and grass so other people could take part in the walk safely and help butterflies return next year. We enjoyed the experience, learning more about The Granville Nature Reserve and learning about its’ heritage and of The Miner’s cottages once situated on the site. The discovery, exploring, conserving and sharing helped us with our John Muir Award Certificate which was part of the lottery funded Butterfly & Wildlife Project – St Georges”. Diane Wootten.
“We went to Granville Country Park to help butterflies. We met new people. We also did some litter picking to help conservation. We counted butterflies and we also cut some brambles and we helped animals. I enjoyed helping animals. We saw 6 spot Burnet Moths, Gatekeepers, Large White, Painted Lady’s, Peacocks and Meadow Browns. I got a 6 Spot Burnet Moth landed on me and I nearly had it as a pet.” Rebecca Wootten Age 8.
“We went to the Granville Country Park with Louise and loads of different kind of people and we spotted loads of different types of moths and butterflies like:- 6 Spot Burnet Moths, Gate Keepers, Large Whites, Peacocks and Meadow Browns. We also learnt about their many different habitats! (Spring Walk 2019 with Butterfly expert Liz Rogers). We all liked helping all the animals and helping with butterfly conservation to help the butterflies come back next year”. Written by Sarah Louise Age 9.
“The day of the Butterfly Count was beautiful. There was an abundance of different butterfly species recorded. The area was a hum with gentle bee’s and it was really a very tranquil and calming experience. We were joined by Small Woods Trust, Tristan Haynes and local residents. A huge thank-you to Diane Wootten and family for assessing the area for the activity and to the Friends of Granville Country Park for all your hard work in enriching The Granville Country Park for everyone to enjoy.” Louise Bremner Co-op Member Pioneer (Priorslee and Donnington) / St Georges Community Group.
Links to John Muir Trust, Big Butterfly Count, St Georges Community Group, Butterfly & Wildlife Project – St Georges and Co-op Member Pioneer Work.

Event 2020
no events planned for remainder of the year